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Showroom (at Art Museum, University of Toronto)

Feb. 6 & March 5 2016

Part 1 (Feb. 6, 2016)

Camille Turner
Marlo Yarlo
Sebastian Butt & Charlie Murray

Camille Turner presented the “Afronautic Research Lab,” an afro-futurist perspective on the history of slavery in Canada; Marlo Yarlo presented “Just Relax Tattoo”, a temporary tattoo parlour that extends the “Pleasure Until Forever” brand; and Sebastian Butt and Charlie Murray led an instructional demonstration of their constructed language “Krelm,” made up of 15 different word-dances

Part 2 (March 5, 2016)

Randy Gagne
Liz Peterson
Zoe Solomon

Liz Peterson presented a new performance in the University College courtyard exploring its landscape architecture and natural elements; Zoe Solomon presented a work using and its resource of articles on how to behave; and Randy Gagne’s performance transposed Alvin Lucier’s “I Am Sitting in a Room” to the soundtrack of one episode of the sitcom Friends, set inside a dumpster that stands in for that show’s iconic apartment.

A performance series exploring the built environment and forms of lifestyle marketing, curated by Life of a Craphead in conjunction with Showroom, an exhibition at the Art Museum, University of Toronto, curated by Sarah Robayo Sheridan (January 21- March 5, 2016).

A terrifying ghost