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Doored 25

June 21, 2016 ~~ at the Los Angeles Contemporary Archive

Doored is very pleased to present its 25th edition at the Los Angeles Contemporary Archive ~~ 25 shows, 25 laughs, 25 tears ♥ with performances and work by artists from Toronto, LA, and Portland

“””Doored is a performance art show and online broadcast based in Toronto, Canada. Structured like live comedy, the show is hosted by artist duo Life of a Craphead and features new performances from 7 artists and fun stuff like a sculpture, merch, and a grocery giveaway. Each show is livestreamed with an analog multi-camera system so you can also watch it again from home later. Doored has toured to Flux Factory (NYC) and Showroom MAMA (Rotterdam) and this will be Doored’s first show in Los Angeles ! Past episodes can be watched at“”””

With performances by:
〽 Lisa Smolkin (Toronto)
〽 Jesi the Younger (Toronto)
〽 Peg & Buzz (Toronto)
〽 Laura McCoy (Toronto)
〽 Steve Kado (LA)
〽 Abbe Findley (LA)
〽 Ashby Collinson (Portland, from Portlandia)

…. Merch by Caley Feeney (Portland)
.. Sculpture by Nikki Woolsey (Toronto)
…….. Intermission Performance by Aliya Pabani (Toronto)
.. Titles & credits by Geetha Thurairajah (Toronto)
… Intro by Inez Genereux (Toronto)
.. Theme Song by Cotey Pope (Toronto)
….. Music by Noor (LA)
… Grocery giveaway selected by Lydia Glenn-Murray
……. Hosted by Life of a Craphead

With technical support from Sarah Kilpack, Zak Tatham, Daniel Goodbaum, Iris Fraser & Luke Fischbeck and produced with the assistance of the Toronto Arts Council.

A terrifying ghost