Upcoming Show:
Doored #30 ~ August 1, 2017 @ Double Double Land (LAST SHOW)

Doored 23

February 22, 2016

mwa ha ha Doored is back!! mwa ha ha ha… mwa


performances by
✍✍✍✍ Aisha Sasha John
✍✍✍ Humboldt Magnussen
✍✍ Vida Beyer
✍ Lisa Smolkin
✍✍ Bridget Moser
✍✍✍ Laura McCoy
✍✍✍✍ Neil Lapierre ***

THIS IS NEIL’S LAST DOORED FOR 1 YEAR ✉ NEIL HAS PERFORMED AT EVERY DOORED SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME ✉ THIS WILL BE A VERY SPECIAL NEIL DOORED * * this also marks the return of Doored as a bi-monthly show in 2016 ! that’s right Doored will happen every other month in 2016, a very reliable franchise * *

sculpture by Connor Crawford
video titles by Inez Genereux
merch by Re Chang (Miami)
special lighting by Carl Didur
music by Man Made Hill
intro by Glenn Macaulay
door by Paul Tjepkema

A terrifying ghost