Upcoming Show:
Doored #30 ~ August 1, 2017 @ Double Double Land (LAST SHOW)

Doored 20

April 20, 2015

DDL 20:00PM 4/20 2015

hello Canada,
Doored is back w a new improved price and welcomes in ❁spring❁ w the 20th Doored show straight from the netherworld! and the last Doored before were heading to Flux Factory in Queens to broadcast from NYC! Pls join us in person for live performances above the bakery across from the park where ppl sell weed and dogs eat bread with﹏

performances by
∼ Arielle Gavin
∼ David Heti (first time doored)
∼ Cameron Lee
∼ Lisa Smolkin
∼ Neil Lapierre
∽ Sebastian Butt & Charlie Murray ┈
∼ Laura McCoy

also with﹏
Merch by Tom Blood (Portland)
Man Made Hill ∼ Music Performance
Lena Suksi ∿ Intermission Sculpture
Meghan Oneill ∼ Doored Song
Original Sports Angel ∼ Doored Video
Val Uher ∼ Doored Groceries
Damien Lebiedzinski ∼ Effects
Zoe Solomon ∼ Door
Glenn Macaulay ∼ Hype
Life of a Craphead ∼ Hosts

and special this month we reveal the new Steve Thomas designed Doored Slogan! ┈

if u dare come early —– limited seating 50 seats
Tickets available at the door ﹏ 7:30
show starts ﹏ 8:00

A terrifying ghost