Upcoming Show:
Doored #30 ~ August 1, 2017 @ Double Double Land (LAST SHOW)

Doored 19

March 16, 2015

Hello after being away doored is back again and the saga of doored Cont.! Please join us for 1.5hrs of the best performance and video that we could book!!

this time Performances and Video and Comedy by:
~ Caley Feeney (Portland)
~ Rob Gordon
~ Daniel Cockburn
~ Marty Topps
~ Evany Rosen
~ Neil Lapierre
~ Sebastian Butt and Charlie Murray

Also With

Sculpture – Marlo Yarlo
Music – Man Made Hill
DOORED Song – Meghan O’niell
DOORED Groceries – Elliott Jones
DOORED Door – Zoe Solomon
MC – Glenn Macaulay
Animation – Tom Whalen (Vancouver)
Vid FX – Damian Lebiedzinski
Hosts – Life of a Craphead

A terrifying ghost