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Doored 14

April 28, 2014

Hello Doored fans, Doored is back! Now the snow is gone let’s (sort of) party! we’ll (sort of) party all night! with performances by:

-~- Neil Lapierre
-~- Bridget Moser
-~- Derrick Guerin
-~- SSLAM (Sarah Butterill, Sagan MacIsaac, Lisa Smolkin, Arielle Gavin, Meghan O’Neill)
-~- Daniel Goodbaum
-~- Victoria Cheong
-~- Kathleen Philips


Door ———– Zoe Solomon
Music ———- Man Made Hill
Sculpture —- Jonny Peterson
Groceries —- David Hanes
Animations—- Steph Davidson (New York)
Video Lobby- Tom Whalen (Vancouver)
Poster ——– Laura McCoy
Hype ———- Glenn Macaulay
and Hosted by Life of a Craphead ~


A terrifying ghost