Upcoming Show:
Doored #30 ~ August 1, 2017 @ Double Double Land (LAST SHOW)

Doored 11

December 16, 2013

❄ ❅ ❆

You are invited to celebrate Doored turning 1 years old! The worlds only performance show at famous (flare magazine) Double Double Land in Toronto is um you see i got to end this sentence. This year doored has brought you 85 (estimate) performances, 10 sculptures, from Toronto, Montreal, NY, Kansas City, Etobicoke, Vancouver, Victoria, Brampton, Calgary, Mississauga, Cambridge, London (On), Oshawa/Ajax, North York, St. Catherines/Niagra on the Lake

with live performances by:
1. Jesi The Elder
2. Laura McCoy
3. Sebastian Butt
4. Lisa Smolkin
5. Fake Injury Party
6. Bridget Moser
7. Vlad Bobeika
8. Neil Lapierre
and Special Guests

also with
Tough Guy Mountain – Intermission Sculpture
Man Made Hill – Music
Matt Smith – Groceries
James Klassen – Joke Writer
Zoe Solomon – Door
Steph Davidson – Animation
Laura McCoy – poster
hosted by Life of a Craphead

Special this Month
~launch of New Doored Website packed with videos and photos of every Doored show
~launch of Man Made Hills new EP
~2 new cameras added to the stream, more angles it’s like the worldcup woooo
~and special 1 year special guests, new doored theme, new credits/title on the live stream, other technical things that are new too maybe not worth posting about!!

A terrifying ghost