Upcoming Show:
Doored #30 ~ August 1, 2017 @ Double Double Land (LAST SHOW)

Doored is a performance art show & online broadcast based in Toronto, Canada • Each show features new performances, under ten minutes long, by seven different artists • Along with intermission sculpture, music, grocery giveaway, and merch • Organized & hosted by Life of a Craphead •  There will be 30 Dooreds (2012-2016?) • Shows are at Double Double Land  • Supported by the Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council

preview in Art in America • Canadian Art feature • c magazine feature “Experimental Comedy Training Camp”

  • Web Design & Development

  • Livestream

    Editor/Manager: Iris Fraser
    Cameras: Zak Tatham
    Seth Scriver
    Cameron Lee
    Nikki Woolsey
    Daniel Goodbaum
    Chris Boni

  • Posters & Graphics

  • Photos

  • Techs

    Inez Genereux
    Matt Smith
    Cale Weir
    Geetha Thurairajah
    Thom Gill
    Wes Allen
    Dan Vila

  • Stage Managers

    Sarah Kilpack
    Meghan O’Neill
    Carla Adra
    and more

  • Title Sequence & Credits

    Steph Davidson
    Meghan O'Neill
    Inez Genereux
    Paul Tjepkema
    Tom Whalen
    and more

  • A terrifying ghost